Study Finds that 20-Percent of America Do Not Use the Internet

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Believe it or not, there are still people in the US who do not use the Internet. What?! How can other people live without it? I’m pretty sure you’re puzzled right now but it’s true: 20 percent of residents in the US do not use the Internet for many different reasons. This happened despite the $7 Billion Broadband expansion program launched by the President Obama since he assumed office.

The Internet program has somehow expanded with 98 percent of the US household having access to high-speed Internet but roughly 20 percent don’t use it. It’s the year 2013 and yet there are still Americans who aren’t bothering with e-mail or social networking. A New York Times report shared this, saying that there are still people who are not using the Internet at work, school or at home.

Twenty percent is about 60 million people. And man, that’s a lot. And the numbers haven’t change a bit since 2009 though. One probable reason is cost, as not everyone could pay for the monthly Internet connection fee. Broadband connection is the standard now but sadly, not all can afford it over the old 56K dial-up modem connection.

The US government is concerned that as they promote the high-speed Internet expansion program, more and more people are being shut off because of the cost or because of the lack of any need to use the Internet.

Senior research fellow at Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies John B. Horrigan shared:

“As more tasks move online, it hollows out the offline options. A lot of employers don’t accept offline job applications. It means if you don’t have the Internet, you could be really isolated.”


This could be true especially with the older generation who are not fully adopting the technology.

But good news: cheaper Internet access have been offered by the Federal Communications Commission already which could help those who are not yet plugged in. Hopefully, this effort or the free 5 Mbps Internet access offered by Google Fiber will bring significant improvement.


<Source: New York Times>

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