Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Expert Jay Blahnik

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Apple Hires Nike FuelBand Expert Jay Blahnik

Jay Blahnik, Photo: Twitter

That iWatch is probably coming soon. We could only speculate that Apple’s very own smart watch is in the works after hearing many rumors and leaked information about it. It’s highly anticipated because Apple was the very first who introduced the idea of a smart watch, thanks to the iPod Nano that could be worn as a wristwatch.

The Cupertino company may not have an official iWatch yet but it’s working on it. Why, Apple recently hired Nike FuelBand’s Jay Blahnik. Blahnik is a fitness consultant who worked with Nike on the FuelBand. The latter is a special band that helps track one’s physical activities. It works with an iOS app allowing the user to access information from the iPhone.

Why would Apple hire Jay Blahnik? It’s obvious, they’re working on something similar to a Nike FuelBand– the future iWatch. Mr. Blahnik confirmed his employment via Twitter but message has since been deleted. Meanwhile, Apple is still mum on the subject.

So, do you think an Apple iWatch would be introduced? Just. You. Wait.


< Source: AllThingsD >

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