Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with 4G LTE Supposedly Landing on AT&T August 23

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Galaxy S3 MiniReleased in Europe roughly six months after the Galaxy S3, the GS3 mini was welcomed with lukewarm support by most mobile technology users. Actually, that’s a kind understatement, as in all honesty most Android aficionados downright ignored the mid-range 4-incher.

Which is why it’s very odd to hear AT&T is now planning to release its own version of the Galaxy S3 mini. Remember, the original GS3 is not even the cream of the crop anymore, having been replaced by the GS4, while the S4 mini leads Samsung’s latest batch of mid-end devices.

So what’s the point in launching such a sub-par device as the S3 mini close to a year after its initial announcement? Your guess is as good as ours, but we have no reason to doubt @evleaks, who’s tweeted a very genuine-looking press pic of the device wearing AT&T logos earlier today.

The notorious insider seems keen to keep the silence on the phone’s release date and specs, though August 23 (i.e. this Friday) can be noticed as the date shown in GS3 mini’s user interface, which I reckon is more than just a coincidence.

As far as features go, Ma Bell’s version of the S3 mini will likely be identical to the “international” flavor, with only one major difference: the adding of 4G LTE support. With that in mind, the only way the network could make the phone (mildly) attractive would be by selling it for no charge with two-year contracts. Either that, or make it available with GoPhone prepaid plans for around 250 bucks.


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  • bill hill

    i don,t know what all the fuss is about, a phone is a phone, what the hell, i like my s 3 mini,again a phone is a phone, you idiots need to get a life,grow up, get out of your mothers basement, damn.