LG Rumored To Bring G2 Flagship Phone To Verizon and AT&T By Mid-September

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LG G2 VerizonDespite the company’s best efforts, most of LG’s smartphones released in the past couple of years, save maybe for the Nexus 4, have been unable to make real waves in America. That was part due to the hardware being inferior to that of the competition (mostly Samsung) and also partly because of poor software support.

Most of all though, LG suffered as a result of cold relations with US carriers, which for reasons that aren’t really important right now avoided to pick up Optimus phones in a swift and timely fashion.

But LG will apparently have no more of that with the G2, the company’s latest spearhead, which has already been announced for all four American major networks: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Moreover, it seems the first two will start selling the 5.2-inch beast surprisingly fast, namely on September 12 and 13.

That’s according to Android Central and the website’s “sources in the know”, so, as usual with unconfirmed reports, you’re advised to keep the salt shakers nearby. If AC does prove to be trustworthy, Big Red will kick G2 shipping into gear first, exactly 22 days from now, with Ma Bell following the next day.

Magenta and Sprint are unfortunately keeping their G2 release plans under lock and key, though chances are they’ll not be left behind for long and start selling the phone in late September at the latest.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, HTC’s One Max, Sony’s Honami and Apple’s new iPhone(s) all coming later on, this could give LG a neat little window of time to be alone in the spotlight… for once. But can they pull it off? Let’s wait and see.


<Source: Android Central>

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