Tizen-Based Samsung SM-Z9005 Phone Will Sport 720p Screen, Snapdragon CPU and 4G LTE

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Samsung-TizenNot many believed in the potential of Tizen, the mobile operating system developed by Samsung and Intel, and especially in Sammy’s Tizen commitment, dedication and ambitions, but it seems the first ever phone built around the new platform will not be a pushover, hardware-wise.

That doesn’t mean you should expect a Galaxy S4 with different software. Not even close. But the SM-Z9005, which is the model number of this first Tizen handheld, might very much resemble the GS3 from a technical standpoint.

According to a User Agent Profile discovered on one of Samsung’s own websites, the Z9005 is to come with a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution screen. That’s not exactly the mark of a top-notch device… anymore, but it should be enough to place this thing pretty high inside the mid-range niche.

Moreover, we have reason to believe the yet to be named device will carry 4G LTE support and pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with at least two cores. A quad-core Snapdragon CPU is definitely in the cards as well, though I wouldn’t personally hold my breath for anything hotter than an S400 or S4 Pro.

The final feature we’re ready to speculate on is 1 GB of RAM, with everything else left to be unraveled over the next couple of months. Q4 is the only vague ETA we have right now for this Tizen-powered gadget, meaning it could go on sale anytime between October 1 and December 31.


<Source: Sam Mobile>

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