GadgeTell Review: Myra by MAPi Samsung Galaxy S4 Folio Case

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Your cellphone case says a lot about you. Think about it.

The other day I was sitting on the subway going to work and as if any other morning, killing time with one of my favorite past times: people watching. Across the train car was a massive, Mr. Olympia-type man, covered with tattoos. Appearance-wise, this dude was pretty intimidating. That was at least until the point where he pulled out his iPhone 5 with the most bedazzled Spongebob Squarepants case I’ve ever seen.

You see what I’m saying? Smartphone cases have become much more than just a practical accessory. It’s another means of expressing oneself. Some of my buddies and I keep multiple case options for our phones; depending on our needs or activities planned on any given day or night.

Lighten the load

Lately, my ‘traveling light at night’ case has been the Myra folio-style case by MAPi. If I’m going out to social events at night on weekends — a time generally when keeping track of your sacred items can be more burdensome than usual — I reach for the Myra.

Usually there’s a ‘holy trinity’ of items strapped to me: my mobile phone, my wallet and my keys. As long as I make it out of the house and return safely with these three items, I’ve had a good day. Losing either of them would surely result in devastation, am I right?

With the Myra case for the Galaxy S4, two of these items are combined into one all-in-one style resource. Firstly, the MAPi case provides full coverage of the S4. Inside the case, it easily snaps in and out of a plastic casing, which holds the phone in place and protects it’s edges. When the front flap is closed and fastened, the soft Turkish leather is sturdy but soft enough to absorb drops and falls.

Inside the flap, you have three credit card slots. I generally use one for my driver’s license, one for my debit card and in the last pocket, I’ll stash some cash for my time out. It’s been nice to leave my bulky wallet at home (although sometimes I forget, touch my back jeans pocket and get nervous when there’s no bulge.)

The backside of the Myra case has a perfectly-sized opening for the Galaxy S4 camera and flash component. No need for the ‘pop it out, snap a pic, pop it back in’ routine like some other comparable S4 cases require.


MAPi is known for making some truly beautiful cases, many of which are comprised of handcrafted Turkish leather. Soft to the touch and built to last. I have to say, seeing the leather change over time has been somewhat exciting. With enough use, as of all fine leathers, the Myra will soften and gently fade in color somewhat. It’s the classiest outfit my smartphone has ever worn.


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