Brace Yourselves, Oodles of Nokia Gadgets Are Coming: ‘Bandit’, ‘Lanai’, ‘Orion’ and More

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NokiaHere we go again… with an apparently endless amount of rumors concerning future Nokia devices, that is. Only this time we’re not dealing with a simple rumor, but a genuine rumor fest. Relentless leaker @evleaks has just tweeted a list of upcoming Nokia codenames and it’s… hefty.

According to our always reliable source, there are at least eight, count’em eight Nokia gadgets currently in the works, each one being more cryptic and secretive than the one before. In fact, the only gizmo on the list we think we know a thing or two about is the “Bandit”, which is almost certainly a 6-inch “phablet” with Full HD screen, quad-core CPU and 20 MP camera.

The “Rivendell” rings a bell or two as well, although “Rivendale” was the codename mentioned in a few rumors sometime ago. This could be the Windows RT tab we’ve been hearing a lot about lately, even if that’s just a (mildly) educated guess.

As for “Lanai”, “Orion”, “Pegasus”, “Shorty” and “Siruis” (erm, didn’t you mean “Sirius”, evleaks?), I’ll be honest. I’ve no idea what these are and have no intention to speculate with absolutely no basis. Finally, the “Bree” is said to be a new member of the Asha family, so you can probably file it under “who cares?”.

Be that as it may, Nokia looks like a busy, busy bee these days, which means we’ll be spoiled with some honey before long. Who’s psyched?


<Source: Twitter>

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