Verizon Starts Selling LG Enact and Exalt Handhelds: $20 and $80 Respectively with Contracts

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lg-enactThings are a bit hectic in the Verizon camp these days as far as new releases are concerned, what with the almost simultaneous coming of the Droid Ultra, Maxx, Mini, Moto X and HTC One on the network — but be sure to give LG’s Enact and Exalt a shot too.

Available for sale starting just a few hours ago, the two gadgets have a pretty clear albeit not so glamorous target: people on tight budgets. Oddly, the cheaper of the two is the Enact, which runs Android (4.1.2 Jelly Bean) and, on the whole, comes with everything it needs to be called a productive mid-ranger.

That is, first and foremost a slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard (talk about blast from the past), but also a 4-inch 480 x 800 pixels touchscreen, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 5 MP rear camera, massive 2,460 mAh battery and even 4G LTE speeds.

True, that’s not exactly a dreamy list of features, but I’m sure you’ll think differently once you hear how much Big Red is charging for this Enact thing – $19.99 with two-year pacts.

Meanwhile, for reasons that are honestly beyond me, the Exalt goes for $79.99 with the same traditional 24-month agreements. And no, I’m not saying it’s the worst gizmo in the world, but for Pete’s sake, it looks like it’s been beamed from the year 2000, featuring a clamshell design and being by all means and purposes a “dumb” phone.

Not only does it not come with a dedicated OS (or Wi-Fi connectivity), but what you do get on the Exalt is a sub-par 3-inch 400 x 240 pixels resolution screen, terrible 2 MP camera and minuscule 900 mAh battery. Seriously, Verizon, 80 bucks for this?


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