LG Official Confirms Tablet, Phablet, Smartwatch and Firefox OS Phone

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lg-signAlthough there’s plenty to talk about in relation to already existing LG devices (the superb G2, for starters), we can’t just shut our eyes to the flourishing rumors starring upcoming gadgets manufactured by the Korean company. At least not when they’re this juicy and focusing on a possible Nexus 5 or G Pad Android tablet.

And at least as far as one of those gizmos is concerned, we can already start filing the speculations as nearly confirmed information. Specifically, the G Pad has been teased, though not by its name, by Dimitar Valev, LG’s mobile communications boss in Bulgaria, in an interview with a local newspaper.

According to Valev, the mystery Android-powered slate, which is said to sport an 8.3 or 9.8-inch screen, will see daylight by the end of the year, followed by a Firefox OS phone, smartwatch and 6-inch “phablet.”

The Firefox-based device is likely to be unveiled in the first fiscal quarter of 2014, whereas the smartwatch and 6-inch handheld, the latter of which will run Android, should be introduced to the world later on in the year.

As you can imagine, the LG exec has been unwilling to detail any of these products, but at least we know they’re coming and so we have something to be excited. Now how about that N5? Will you be taking care of it as well, LG, or will Motorola take over, as some rumors suggest?


<Source: The Next Web>

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