Yahoo Surpassed Google To Claim The Top Spot For the Month of July

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Look what we have here. It has been revealed that Yahoo surpassed Google in terms of internet traffic for the month of July, according to a report by ComScore. Yahoo Sites managed to attract 196,564,000 unique visitors to all of its sites in the month of July, followed by Google Sites who managed to get 192,251,000 visitors.


The third, fourth and fifth spots are captured by Microsoft, Facebook and AOL sites, respectively. One main boost for Yahoo may have come from the recently acquired Tumblr that was purchased for a whopping $1.1 billion.

According to the same statistics, Tumblr managed to get 38,367,000 unique visitors in the month of July. The site has reportedly had 300 million users with 12,000 sign-ups per day. According to Yahoo CEO Marissa Miller, the acquisition of Tumblr could boost Yahoo’s traffic by 50 percent and could grow the traffic by almost 20-percent, and it appears as her prediction was spot on.

It is the time for the folks at Yahoo to celebrate. It would be interesting to see if Yahoo will be able to keep up this progress and surpass Google. It would be good to see what Google will do to claim the spot, which they have kept for quite a long time.


<Source: Digital Trends>

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  • assylumn

    I have cleaned 17 machines in the last 4 weeks of hijacks that pointed to either Yahoo or Ask….coincidence?

  • ferret

    As Tumble is listed separately, I doubt they’ve been included in Yahoo’s count – looks like they did this on their own.