Omate TrueSmart, Standalone and/or Smartphone Companion

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Smartwatches have been coming out in droves, it seems. Though each come with their own unique style and feature set, they all tether to a smartphone in order to bring information. The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch, up on Kickstarter now, boasts the ability to work as a companion or a standalone gadget.

Omate is designed to look and feel like a watch, but it packs the ability to run apps, make calls, text, message, and so on. Underneath the metal casing lies a 1.3GHz dual-core processor running the Android 4.2 platform, which makes it more like a seriously teeny smartphone.

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch multiBecause the Omate has GPS, camera, and phone, it can serve as a fully-independent piece of technology; Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi also let it connect to your smartphone.

Users are able to operate the watch through the touchscreen and side buttons. The Omate is IP67 waterproof, meant to be used outdoors, in pools, and at the beach. The touchscreen doesn’t work when wet, so the buttons permit access and function.

The Omate smartwatch is ready for production, with hardware ready and waiting while software is being developed. This smartwatch offers a different experience from anything out there. Visit the Omate Kickstarter page to check out the full specifications and abilities.

With a powerful device such as this, I only wonder if the 600mAh battery will keep up with users.

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