SIGMO, Instantly Translate and Understand 25 Languages

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Traveling is undoubtedly one of the best ways to culture yourself and expand your worldly experiences. So many of us have future plans or someday long to travel, though there are also those who are stubbornly set against the idea, like a cat to a bath.

Sigmo translator coupleSome reasons why people rather not travel abroad are fear of the unknown or from fear of being out of their element. If you have some travel in mind and need something to encourage or entice your friend, spouse, or partner to come along with you, then check out SIGMO on Indiegogo.

SIGMO is a voice translating device that lets you communicate and understand other languages. Dictionaries are clunky and wasteful of time, and mobile devices can be cumbersome to pull out and use for their translation services.

With SIGMO, a single press of a button will translate your spoken words into the language you want and play it back instantly. SIGMO can translate 25 different languages.

Sigmo translator whiteThe device is so compact and lightweight, you can literally clip it to your clothing to keep it close.

SIGMO works by communicating with your iOS or Android compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. It uses existing translation services within your smartphone to perform the actual translation.

The app is free, easy to configure, and will have continual updates for languages and voice translating services. Language translation, especially with accents and local jargon in consideration, is never perfect, but with SIGMO you can understand and make yourself understood well enough.

The translator only needs a data connection to work, though its developers are seeking the possibility to download entire languages so it can be used in “offline” mode.

With this device, there should now be more of a reason for shy people to be confident travelers. Check out the SIGMO Indiegogo page for a list of languages and videos. Don’t forget to get yours!

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  • Dr hari prakash

    Please send me the cost of SIGMO .Worth to use it .Thanks.