Wacom Shows Off Cintiq Companion Tablets for Pro-artists

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wacom cintiq companion hybrid windows 8 android tablets
Aside from the Intuos Creative Stylus, Wacom also unveiled new high-tablets that are targeted for the professional artists. Just because you own a Wacom doesn’t mean you’re a real artist but there’s is high probability that you are one, right? Why would you get a Wacom anyway?

The new tablets by Wacom are part of the Cintiq Companion family– a follow up to the Cintiq 13HD interactive pen display. One tablet runs Windows 8, the Companion, while the other runs Android, the Companion Hybrid.

You can choose from either of the two. Both tablets come equipped with WiFi, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, a rear 8-megapixel camera, touch control on the full HD display, and Wacom’s impressive 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity with the Wacom Pro Pen.

The Companion Hybrid is no ordinary Android tablet as it boasts of higher graphics ideal for the artists together with the Nvidia Tegra 4 cpu. It’s cheaper than the Windows 8 tablet at $1,499 for the 16GB model while the 32GB version is $1,599.

Meanwhile, the Windows 8-powered Companion tablet is a bit pricey at $1,999. Specs include the following: 8GB RAM, 256 or 512GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, and the 3rd-gen Intel Core CPU processor.

Wacom will officially release these new Cintiq Companion tablets by middle of September.

Cintiq Companion hybrid windows 8 android tablets

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