LG’s Homeboy Tablet is Actually a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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LG Homeboy tablet is actually a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Perhaps two of the most popular Korean brands are LG and Samsung. We can consider these two as big rivals when it comes to consumer electronics and gadgets but in a weird twist of fate, LG is going to benefit from a Samsung product. Why, LG’s very own cellular network, LG U+, is offering the “Homeboy” tablet.

This Homeboy tablet is in fact a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. LG is simply rebranding the 7-inch Android tablet. LG is the third largest wireless operator in South Korea and its latest product will allow Koreans to access movies, songs, e-books, and TV channels.

The Homeboy also works as a security system for the home as it can detect if there’s an intruder whenever you’re out, made possible by the camera. Homeboy service will be available with a monthly subscription fee ranging from 16,000 to 20,000 won.

LG doesn’t really have its own tablet offering so maybe that’s why it’s banking on Samsung’s product. But then LG is rumored to unveil a GPad at the IFA next month so we’ll see if there will be a change.

A Samsung tablet giving LG business? Looks like it…


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