YouTube Maintenance Lasts from 6pm-10pm PST Today

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YouTube will be undergoing scheduled maintenance today from 6pm-10pm PST today. Within that four hour period, no one will be able to start live events and many pages will be in read-only mode. If you’re planning on hosting a live event today, make sure you start it before the maintenance starts. You may also experience some issues with leaving comments and subscribing. YouTube didn’t provide details about the nature of the maintenance.

If you’re a YouTube content creator, it’s not a bad idea to reschedule your plans if you were going to be active during maintenance. Even though YouTube didn’t explicitly say there will be a restriction on uploading videos, it’s possible some difficulties will arise. If you just visit YouTube to consume content, your experience should be mostly unchanged.

All in all, you east coast people in the United States will probably be asleep while all this is going down. When you wake up, it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

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  • Len

    East cost people sleeping? lol YT assumes East cost folks would be in bed by 8pm or midnight?
    Oh yeah, and screw folks in the West? (high TY time)
    What ever happening to doing scheduled maintenance at 2 or 3 am?
    What a concept eh!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for being the only dude on the Internet to write about this. Also, 10PM?! :(