Registrations for First Samsung Developers Conference Opens

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Samsung has just opened up registration for their first ever Developers Conference. The company announced the Samsung Developers Conference back in July but has not provided any information regarding an exact date of the event until Monday. The event will take place in San Francisco from October 27 to October 29.


Samsung says that they have over 40 events planned for the conference, where Samsung will discuss various technical details about its applications, mobile devices, consumer electronics and more. They will discuss important things such as API access to its apps like ChatOn, Google Play Store, and much more. Other events include a detailed view of S Pen, Samsung Knox Platform, designing applications for Samsung Smart TV, cross-platform development and much more. The complete list of events along with their timings can be seen at the source link.

The registration went live today, and tickets can be purchased from the source link for $299. If you are a developer, this is a conference that you shouldn’t miss. Get your tickets while they last.


<Source: Samsung>

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