Moto X Landing on Verizon August 29, T-Mobile Sometime in September

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Moto XAside from getting exclusive rights to the Moto Maker customization tool for a limited time, AT&T has been given a front-row seat for Moto X’s U.S. launch, putting the thing up for grabs before all the other three major networks.

But Verizon is hot on Ma Bell’s trails, while T-Mobile will arrive a little late at this release party, but not by very much. Specifically, according to tweets from Big Red’s official Twitter account and John Legere, T-Mo’s CEO, the former carrier will start selling the X on August 29 (i.e. in two short days) online, with the latter following “in September.”

No words on an exact release date for the “Uncarrier” and also no words on when Verizon plans to make the phone available in physical stores. Finally, mum’s the word as far as Sprint availability goes, though chances are the number three wireless provider in America will be able to kick shipping into gear by the end of next month.

Remember, there’s been no expiration date announced for AT&T’s Moto Maker exclusivity, but rumor has it that will end in November at the latest. In the meantime, Verizon, Sprint and Magenta will be forced to sell only the bland, traditional white and black variants of the Moto X for prices starting at $199.99. Talk about a tough sell, huh?


<Source: The Verge and Phone Arena>

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