Rumor: Steve Ballmer was Actually Fired

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Last week, Microsoft announced that Steve Ballmer will be resigning within the next 12 months. It seemed that it was about time for his resignation, but rumor now has it that Ballmer was actually fired. A lot of people aren’t believing that he just decided to retire and that instead are thinking that something may have went wrong — that he really failed at his job, and that he had so many bloopers. (Too many to mention I guess.)

We’re regarding this as a rumor. Microsoft’s official announcement sounded like the CEO has done enough and it’s about time he retires. But thinking about it now, why did Microsoft shares shot up by 8 percent that day? Perhaps the industry giants were happy that he’s leaving the company and that it would do good for them. You be the judge.

Ballmer could be getting the blame for the poor performance of Microsoft lately. A number of new products and services were introduced but most of them have not performed completely well. For one, the Windows Phone mobile OS is not getting a significant share of the smartphone industry. There’s the Xbox One, yet-to-be-released and already receiving a lot of criticisms. What about the Surface tablet? The touchscreen technology was once promising years ago but sales are just still not good.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were good friends starting out as Harvard classmates. They became business partners bringing Microsoft to where it is now. Whatever happened along the way? I want to know.


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