Piper Home Security, Compatible with iOS, Android Devices

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Lately, there has been a lot of focus on internet and mobile security. Account security and personal information is of utmost importance. But we still can’t forget about home security, especially when there are tools and technologies to make it easier and seamless.

Piper blackPiper is an elegant, complete home security system. This device packs a 180 degree fish-eye lens and an array of sensors to keep you informed about humidity, temperature, and light.

Piper is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing users to check in on their home to make sure everything checks out. The pan and tilt feature lets you track and monitor, something that fixed cameras are unable to do.

Traditional home security can be complicated and/or expensive. The Piper takes away much of the hassle related to such systems by integrating everything into one easy to use device.

Piper app screenThe built-in motion sensor detects movement, naturally, but it’s the camera and microphone that help show you what’s really going on. Forget about false alarms and guessing what might be happening in your own home.

The app is configurable with detection rules and alerts. You can also include other family members in on your notifications.

Piper is part of a complete home automation solution, being compatible with all Z-Wave products and accessories.

The best part? It’s affordable and there are no monthly fees to hassle with. Check out the Piper Indiegogo project for more information and photos. The project is almost fully-funded.

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