Nokia 515 Goes Official with Aluminum Build, 5 MP Camera and $150 Price Tag

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Nokia-515So are you pumped up about that “Bandit” phablet, set to be introduced to the world as soon as the Nokia Lumia 1520? Good for you, although I’m afraid today we’ll have to focus on a much less exciting gadget from Finland.

I’m not even sure I should call it a “gadget,” since it runs that dusty old Series 40 OS platform and looks like it’s been catapulted in the present from 1998. But hey, at least compared with the 106 and 107, the Nokia 515 can be considered a pretty big deal.

Actually, it could even be called a one of a kind gizmo, as it’s a modest feature phone in every way aside from the build quality and design. In other words, it’s a premium-looking candy bar “dumb” phone. Now you don’t see such a thing very often, do you?

Anyways, the Nokia 515 is essentially unbreakable, being made of anodized aluminum and rocks a super-elegant polycarbonate keypad. The 2.4-inch display may be cramped and low-res (320 x 240 pixels), but it’s covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 2, so you’ll have to try really hard to crack it.

Meanwhile, there are far fewer special things going on beneath the 515’s hood, with 256 MB of on-board storage, 64 MB of RAM, microSD support and 1,200 mAh battery among the “highlights”. On the bright side, you get a surprisingly solid 5 MP camera slapped on the phone’s back, which is one of the reasons why Europe will be getting this next month for a fairly extravagant (considering) 115 EUR ($150) price tag.

Not to rain on Nokia’s parade or anything, but you can find pretty decent Android smartphones for that kind of dough nowadays.


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