Deal Alert Part Two: Recent Google Nexus 4 Buyers Offered $100 Refund

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Nexus 4One of the world’s best smartphones just got better, courtesy of a mind-blowing $100 discount, but what if you jumped the gun and purchased an LG/Google Nexus 4 right before it had its price savagely slashed?

Well, you can do one of three things. A. You cry, bitch and moan and curse the day you made the dreaful decision, B. you remember the reason why you bought the N4 and how it was a bargain even at 300 bucks, or C. you ask Google for a $100 refund.

Wait, what?!? Is that last one really an option? It is, as unbelievable as it might sound. Because Good Guy Google has its eyes set much higher than making peanut money by ripping off a couple hundreds of unlucky tech users. Remember, the Nexus 5 is likely coming very soon and so you can say Big G has bigger fish to fry.

Back to today’s order of business, let’s say you can only claim the refund if you scored your N4 copy on or after August 12 via the US Play Store.

There’s also a small window of time in which Google promises to give you your money back, so be sure to manually submit the demand through this link by September 10. My advice? Do it now, do it quick, do it hard. Man, and to think certain rotten apples, I mean competing smartphones, go for $200 with contracts.


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  • http://googlenexus4 sheena marie kearns

    i bought a nexus 4 around the first of aug . How do i get 100 dollars Of my money back . I payed 380 dollars for mine. Please send me a way to get a refund .