Nokia Amber Update Hits Lumia Devices Across Europe, No Signs of Update on AT&T

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Nokia officially announced the availability schedule of the Amber update for its devices. The much-awaited Nokia Amber update was expected to start with Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 for most markets, then followed by the remaining Lumia devices. The good thing here is that all Lumia devices will get the taste of the Amber update, though some of the devices may not get all the features. Recently, a number of Nokia Lumia devices across Europe started getting the Amber and GDR2 updates.


Currently, the reports suggest that the proud owners of Lumia 920 from T-Mobile in Germany, and unlocked 920 owners in the U.K. and Belgium received the Nokia Amber update. In case of Lumia 820, the update was spotted on devices from Italy.

It seems Nokia fulfilled their promise and the devices are getting update notifications in various parts of the globe. However, there is no sign of the Amber update for the devices running on AT&T but we hope the users on the U.S. carrier will receive the update in the next few days.

In case you are from the above mentioned countries who failed to notice the update notification, you could manually check for updates by going to your phone settings. If the update is available, just follow on-screen instructions to update your device. If you want, you can check the status of the Nokia Amber Update for your region from Nokia’s support page.

In case you are in any other European country and received the update, please share with us using the comments below.


<Source: WindowsPhoneCentral>

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