Op-Ed: Too Much Tech To Keep Up

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I had an amusing phone chat with a client earlier this week. He called to tell me he was losing his YouTube virginity. (Really? Doesn’t he know that sort of thing tends to go viral?) Ahem. Anyway, the video in question wouldn’t upload from his phone, and he couldn’t figure out how to get it on his computer to upload from there.

I walked him through hooking his phone to his computer via USB cable, and when I finished my explanation, he said, “Dang! That was so simple. Please don’t tell anyone I had to call you.”

Why? Because he used to be in IT and considers himself a “techie.”

I told him not to worry and went through my story with having the same problem with uploading to YouTube and having to Google “how do I get a video off my iPhone.” Yeah, I forgot about the USB thing too. And I blog about tech!

I teach lots of classes on social media, and I hear, “I’m just not that good with tech” all the time. I’m writing this post because even those of us who are good with tech have brain farts and forget how to do obvious things. The coolest thing about tech is that with the Internet, we don’t have to know how to do everything. We just have to know how to construct a good question on Google.

Even my husband, who is a programmer, uses Google search all the time. So don’t worry about keeping everything in your head. That’s what our various tech devices are for.

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