Yahoo buys image-recognition startup IQ Engines

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I’d like to say that Marissa Mayer coming to Yahoo is doing the Internet company well. Or is it too early to say? Looks like she’s doing more than a good job as Yahoo is seeing a lot of changes lately.Back in May, Yahoo bought Tumblr. The former Google executive knows what she’s doing and the latest acquisition is that of image-recognition company IQ Engines.

The small startup is known for image-recognition, so obviously it will be used to improve Flickr. The IQ Engines team will be joining Flickr to work on photo organization and search for the community.

The 3-year old startup first started with a $1 million funding. It’s known to develop API that allows visual search and categorization of images. Yahoo must have seen its potential so it immediately purchased the company.

Not much information has been shared about the Yahoo-IQ Engines deal but we’re expecting IQ Engines will bring their technology to Flickr. A few months from now, we hope to see an enhanced Flickr. Perhaps something that could beat Google Image Search? We’ll see….


<Source: Techcrunch>

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