Aereo Could Come to Android in September

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aereo_logoAereo currently doesn’t officially support Android in its current form. One of the only ways to watch Aereo on Android devices is through a service like PlayOn or something similar. Aereo’s plans to support Android go way back, but it could finally become a reality next month. According to Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia, September is the planned launch window for Aereo on Android. Kanojia confirmed this in an interview with International Business Times.

When it comes to mobile, Aereo requires a web browser to view its live broadcasts. There is no standalone app for Aereo. However, I had a very pleasant experience with the mobile web version of Aereo. The mobile version provides most, if not all, of the features found in the desktop version.

Aereo has been steadily expanding across the United States. It’s already available in places such as Atlanta, New York, Utah and Boston. Next month, the service will launch in Houston, Chicago, Miami and Dallas.

Source [International Business Times]

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