And So It Begins: Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Be Adorned in Metal

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samsung-galaxy-s5As the Samsung Galaxy S4 is barely five months old and the Galaxy Note 3 is yet to be made official, it’s surely way too early to start talking about Samsung’s 2014 flagship phones, right?

Wrong. It’s never too early to kick the rumor bonanza starring a highly anticipated device such as the GS5 into gear, mostly when the first report brings with it good, nay great news.

According to ET News, a Korean publication whose track record with speculations speaks for itself, Sammy is at long last ready to ditch plastic in favor of metal. Of course, only the high-enders of tomorrow are to rock magnesium or aluminum outer bodies, but that most likely includes the S5 and Note 4, so it’s time to yell a “huzzah” from the top of our lungs.

Samsung’s factory in Gumi, Korea is where production of metal cases has reportedly begun earlier this year, with the process apparently expanded to Vietnam in order for everything to be ready by the time the Galaxy S5 is to see daylight.

As you might imagine, developing and manufacturing metal smartphones is far more complicated and time-consuming than just slapping cheap plastic on their backs, but in the long run the gamble should probably pay off for the Koreans in style. Just think of how awesome HTC’s One looks from the outside.

Now imagine a similarly exterior for a handheld with the robust hardware and silky smooth software of classic Samsung spearheads. Spring of 2014 can’t come soon enough, am I right?


<Source: ET News>

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