Leaked: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen, Digitizer and Third-Party Accessories

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Samsung-Galaxy-Note 3Okay, we’ve had our fun, peeked beneath Galaxy Note 3’s hood and even had a quick look at the big guy’s display, but the leak fest is officially getting out of hand. To quote the legendary Ron Burgundy, that escalated quickly, even though Brick probably didn’t kill any guy this time.

GNote3’s alleged screen has once again been caught on camera, but that’s not all. Notorious component supplier E Trade Supply claims to have entered in the possession of several of these panels, which they even put up for grabs not long ago. Now do you understand the level of ridiculousness these “leaks” have reached?

You don’t. Not yet, at least. Because you haven’t heard the best part. A couple of third-party Note 3 accessories are already listed by Amazon, albeit they are predictably shipping in a fairly long time. Three to five weeks, to be exact.


We’re looking at a Hyperion extended battery pack, bundled with a white back cover, available for a measly 5 bucks, as well as an InventCase case cover skin with screen protector, going for a slightly steeper $5.95.

True, one could suspect these two accessory manufacturers of playing dirty and looking for undeserved media attention, but then again, I’m willing to bet the battery pack and case are as legit as they come and will fit nicely with Note 3’s final design. Come on now, Samsung, do the entire world a favor and put an end to this silliness at once.


<Source: Phandroid>

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