New Design for Instapaper is Gorgeous

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I’d been a bit concerned when I’d read that Betaworks had bought Instapaper. The site/service had been simple and easy to use. Not fancy, but functional. Would new ownership mess that up?

The new site went live a few days ago, and I’ve been playing with it. My verdict? I like it.


It’s reminiscent of the iPad version, so if you use the app, you’ll feel right at home. When you log in to the redesigned site for the first time, you’ll see an invitation to check out the philosophy of the new design. Read the post. You’ll see a scrolling before and after, and it’s dramatic how different the site is now.

Previously, I’ve hardly ever read articles on the site. I save to Instapaper and then read articles on my iPad. Now I might actually read on the site.

Looking at the comments, some people aren’t happy about the change from progress dots to “Time to Read.” I’m so used to the time to read feature on my Kindle that it doesn’t bother me. All I really care about is relative article length, and this gives me that. However, its time estimate doesn’t take into account my personal reading speed. I haven’t used it enough yet to see if it will learn from me.

I’m excited to see what they do to the iPad and Android apps. If you haven’t looked at Instapaper in a while, give it another look.

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  • Chris Meadows

    Annoyingly, the new change broke the ability for me to download my Instapaper file directly into my Kindle Touch using the Kindle Touch’s browser. Now it complains that it doesn’t recognize the file type. Bleah.

  • Juli Monroe

    *waves Hi to Chris*

    I’ve never downloaded that way, so I didn’t think to check it. Everything works fine, though, if you send a compilation to your Kindle. I just checked on my Touch. That’s a bummer, though, if you wanted to skip the computer step.