Microsoft Surface Pro price cut to be permanent

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Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that the Surface Pro tablet prices would be made available with a $100 discount (along with the 256GB SKU.) The 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro price came down to $799, while the 128GB version was sold for $899. The promotion was supposed to end on 30 August but the Redmond giant confirms that the $100 price cut is permanent and the Surface Pro will be available at the above mentioned price in all the markets where Surface and Surface accessories are sold.


Microsoft sent a note to Neowin confirming the price cuts for Surface tablets and its accessories. According to the note, the price of the Touch Covers will be reduced by $40 with the price starting from $79 while the limited editions covers will start from $89. On the other hand, the Surface RT bundles will also see a $50 price cut as rumored, the Surface RT bundles will be available for sale starting from $399. However, there will be no discount on the Type Cover and its price will stay intact at $129.99.

Microsoft states,

The customer response to recent Surface pricing and keyboard-cover promotions has been exciting to see, and we are proud to begin rollout of Surface Pro, Touch Cover and Surface RT bundles at even more affordable prices starting 29 August. People who buy Surface love Surface, and we’re eager for more people to get their hands on this incredible device.

Microsoft had a hard time getting rid of its Surface Pro inventory. Recent rumors also pointed out that Microsoft is working on the next generation Surface tablet as well. What do you think is it true? Are you going to get yourself a new Surface tablet?


<Source: Neowin>

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  • Barrett Jasper

    if they think these permanent price cuts are going to help them they are sadly wrong just kill the damn thing already the sales were horrendous and this thing needs to just die. It absolutely sucks and the sales prove that.

  • Bear

    Microsoft has got the prices all wrong. These computers won’t sell no matter the price drop.

  • Andrew

    I love my surface pro