Walmart Drops iPhone 5 On-Contract Price to $98, iPhone 4S Now $39 with Two-Year Contract

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iphone5_iphone4sIt’s (almost) time; Time to welcome among us one or most likely two new Apple iPhones, out of which the 5S is to considerably up the hardware ante compared with last year’s model, while the 5C is to lower the pricing bar.

But though I know September 10 can’t come soon enough and the iPhone 5 is a thing of the very distant past for most of you, if you can find it in yourselves to still be satisfied with the one year-old Apple handheld, the best place to get it is probably Walmart.

The famed retailer is most likely looking to clear out remaining iPhone 5 inventory in anticipation of the 5C and 5S launches and so it’s now offering the dusty old 4-incher for an incredible $98. That’s with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon 24-month pacts only, but it’s still one hell of a deal, since Apple’s US Store charges double that price.

Granted, Walmart has last asked 200 bucks for the iPhone 5 a long time ago. Yet the $98 price tag is 30 bucks lower than the seller’s previous one.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4S starts at a measly $39 with the same traditional 2-year AT&T, Sprint or Verizon contracts, meaning you can now pay 50 bucks less than before for the two year-old 3.5-incher. Anyone tempted to take Walmart up on either of their offers?


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