NudeAudio Announces Attractive Pocket-Sized Speakers

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Nudeaudio logoNudeAudio, a new-generation audio company known for fashion and product design, recently announced the launch of the NudeAudio brand and their collection of four portable speakers. The speakers are designed to fit consumer’s size and sound needs.

The speakers are under the Move collection and feature a distinct combination of color pairings, referencing ‘on trend’ hues of the sports-fashion industry. The speakers are even playfully labeled as S, M, and L. Each larger label increases both the speaker’s size and sound output.

NudeAudio Move M Bluetooth Speaker collectionNudeAudio’s speakers feature Bluetooth, an 8-hour battery life, and a carrying cord for easy carrying and transport. These speakers certainly want to be seen as much as they are heard.

“During the design process, we considered and challenged every detail. It’s as much about what we decided not to do, as it is about what we chose to embody in our products,” says Peter Riering-Czekalla, the San Francisco-based Chief Design Officer of NudeAudio.

“In order to deliver premium products at affordable prices, our approach is all about focusing on what matters most: streamlined features and functionality, aesthetic simplicity and prioritizing acoustics over marketing.”

The NudeAudio Move speakers will be available in late August worldwide. For full details and pricing visit:

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