The New York Times Website Hacked by a Syrian Hacker Group

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All major websites dread getting hacked. It’s not unusual today but I can say such is very unfortunate. This week started with a bad news for the “New York Times” as website was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.

The website was down for two days. It’s the second time within the month so you can imagine the NYT people getting frustrated. It can be considered as a high-profile attack given the popularity of the news website.

Like any malicious attack, this only shows how a website security can easily be compromised. This is just one of the many we’ve seen the past months and I’m crossing my fingers nothing like this will happen again in the future.

As the second largest newspaper in the US, the New York Times’ attack was believed to be done so easily. Hackers got a user name and password to use, made some changes to the directory, and then redirected to their website. Some readers were able to see an error message for a few hours.

It took the NYT website administrators a long time to fix the error. The Syrian Electronic Army hacking group did not deny the cybercrime. The group through its Twitter account even said they just wanted to deliver an “anti-war message” to NYTimes readers. According to the hackers, New York Times are reporting lies about the government of Syria.

It’s a malicious attack I hope nothing like this happens to us or to any other website. Whether or not NYT’s reports are untrue about the Syrian government, hacking a website is still bad.

Source [LATimes ]

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