Samsung Not Interested in Acquiring BlackBerry

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A couple of days ago, we heard of a rumor saying that BlackBerry is going to make BBM a separate company and that Samsung is taking over the Canadian brand. The South Korean giant is quick to deny the idea. We just know that BBM, the famous BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging app, will come preloaded in future Samsung mobile devices.

I find it a great idea and might make Samsung phones even more powerful. I’m a fan of BBM. In fact, I’m just waiting for it to arrive before summer ends. Well, summer is almost over I wonder when exactly BlackBerry is going to deliver the BBM for Android and iOS.

In a Korea Times interview, Lee Young-hee, Executive VP of Samsung, was firm that “Samsung Electronics is not considering that opportunity” when asked about the issue. Sounds firm and clear, right?

But then again, imagine a BlackBerry-powered Samsung phone or tablet. Now that could be very powerful. If Samsung is not interested, maybe other tech giants would be interested? Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Apple to name a few….

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