Sony Lens Camera May Be Called Smart Shot, Prices Start at $250

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Smart Shot Sony QX10 As expected, more leaked information has been released about Sony’s all-but-confirmed lens cameras. This news is once again coming our way from SonyAlpha Rumors, whose sources say these new products will carry a new brand called Smart Shot. 

Up until now, potential pricing has eluded us. SonyAlpha Rumors says the QX10 Smart Shot lens will be sold for $250. It includes an 18-megapxiel CMOS sensor and shares the same lens as the Sony WX150.

The QX100 Smart Shot could cost $450, and includes the same lens/sensor combo as the recently released Sony RX100M II.

These lenses will be able to connect to any Android device or iOS through an updated PlayMemories application. Wi-Fi or NFC will be required to acquire a connection. The application will also let you set focus, zoom and other manual tasks.

Considering these lenses and sensors originally appeared in cameras that cost between $400-$750, the pricing isn’t that bad. Sure you’re giving up some physical controls, but that’s all reflected in the price. $250 seems to be a pretty good price for the amount of performance this lens can deliver.

Sony is expected to reveal the Smart Shot lenses on September 4.

Source [SonyAlpha Rumors]

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