Facebook Page Like Scams Running Rampant

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Facebook pages are always looking for likes. The more the better, many page admins say. Turning your page into an active, thriving community takes work and time. Unfortunately some page owners are being lazy and scamming for them by posting fake events and photos. One recent example comes from the Facebook page Proud Single Mother, which recently posted this plea:


At first glance it looks like a heartfelt request from a military mom, right? These sorts of photos are all over Facebook-people holding up signs with some kind of message-adopted children looking for their biological parents, cute kids saying if they get 1 million likes they’ll get a puppy, etc. This site seems to be helping a military mom do something fun for her daughter who is deployed, but think again. It’s completely FAKE. The photo is a stock photo that can be found on Shutterstock:


The page is using this scam to both get likes and generate traffic to their website, which is advertising some sort of scholarship for moms-but that too is not what it seems. Check out the fine print on the application form:

 I agree to be contacted by or on behalf of Degree Counseling at the phone number(s), email, and address provided, about educational products or services. I agree, I may be contacted by phone, text, or email via automated technology.

In other words, you agree to be spammed-and the Proud to Be a Mom website gets money for every sign up. A Google search turns up tons of complaints about The comment section of that post contained many angry responses from people who figured out it was fake, but the site ignored them.

The moral of the story? Don’t believe everything you read-and don’t “Like” it either.

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  • Rutb

    So what is being done about all these SCAMS? Seems like all these jerks that are causing all these problems , SCAMS should be banned of facebook, and should try to clean up all this crap!! Hope something will soon be done to rectify this pronlem.