Want To See Rumored iPad 5 Components? (Video)

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Waiting eagerly for the next generation iPad? Well, a new video is making the rounds of YouTube, and it shows the look of the new components.

Assuming this is real (it’s described as an exclusive video, but I’m calling it a rumor until we see something official from Apple, like perhaps at the event next week), it’s got some significant differences from the current generation.

We’ve been hearing for months that the bezel will be narrower, similar to the look of the iPad Mini, and the video shows that. While I like the smaller form factor, I’m not sure how I feel about the smaller bezel. When using the iPad as an e-reader, I still sometimes accidentally turn pages, and I’m guessing the smaller bezel might take some getting used to.

I’m most excited about the updated speakers. Unlike the current iPad, the speakers are on both sides of the device. My fourth generation iPad has pretty good sound without headphones. I’m thinking the next generation will be even better, making games like PvZ2 even better!

Thickness appears to be about the same. What we still need to learn is screen resolution and battery life. A smaller device means less room for a battery, and I’m hoping Apple managed to keep the same excellent battery life, even in the smaller package.

Here’s hoping they reveal the new iPad at next week’s event! I’ve also got my fingers crossed for a Retina Mini.

Hat tip to Nate at the Digital Reader for the video!

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