Hex, Because Smartphone Controlled Nanocopter!

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Hex nanocopter logoSometimes it’s good to take a break from productivity to have a little fun. And since we use smartphones and tablets for so much during our daily lives, why not pilot a toy?

Hex is a completely open source nanocopter kit that you pilot with the smartphone/tablet app. The interface works with both iOS and Android, and it’s easy enough that your kids might never give it back once you let them play with it.

Hex nanocopter controlThe Hex app communicates via Bluetooth 4.0, which has a greater distance and is common on many current mobile devices.

The construction of Hex is simple, in that it requires no soldering or mucking around. It’s basically a chip within an injection-molded shield that mounts to a shell, which houses the propellers.

The chip contains sensors which help make flying easier. These advanced sensors detect the balance of the copter and adjusts motor speeds to keep it steady and reduce the risk of crashes.

Hex nanocopter piecesWhat makes Hex stand out from similar remote toys is the customization factor. Users can choose or create their own unique shell for their nanocopter.

The development team wants to keep the design open and flexible, to the point where they invite creativity by hackers to change the open source code or hardware.

You can even have a camera mounted on the Hex to get a first-person flight view in real time!

Check out the Hex Kickstarter page for more photos and information. Pledge to the project, which has over a month to go, and everyone is very likely to reach the high-resolution WiFi camera stretch goal!

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