LG G2 Availability and Pricing Confirmed with Verizon and AT&T

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LG G2It may not be the fall’s most anticipated Android smartphone (probably not even the second), but LG’s G2 looks decent enough on paper to give both the Note 3 and Xperia Z1 a good, healthy run for their money. Heck, it looks sizzling hot, if I’m to be completely honest, and my hope is many of you will come to the same conclusion ASAP.

More so as the G2 will near certainly go up for grabs before its two most dangerous opponents for the smartphone heavyweight title. And if there’s one thing we all hate, that’s waiting in line to score a gizmo.

Without further ado therefore and if you’re not willing to waste more of your time waiting for “the next big thing”, the G2 will apparently go on sale later today (September 6) via AT&T’s online store. Ma Bell is charging $199.99 for the beast with 2-year contracts or $574.99 outright, which is considerably south of Note 3’s pricing structure.

Due out in AT&T physical stores on September 13 (i.e. a week from now), the 5.2-incher is to be made available by Verizon one day earlier – on the 12th. Just like America’s number two wireless provider, Big Red will be asking 200 bucks for the on-contract G2, while off-contract pricing is for now kept under wraps.

Remember, T-Mobile has also made everything about the phone’s availability and pricing official, kicking shipping into gear 12 days from now, which leaves Sprint as the only US carrier keeping its customers on their toes. It can’t be long now though, can it?

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