Moto X Arrives at Sprint Today: $200 with Contracts, $100 for First-Time Network Customers

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MotoXDid I or did I not tell you the Moto X was bound to drop to $100 with US contracts any day now? I think I did, though I probably wouldn’t have bet on Sprint being the road-opener. After all, America’s number four carrier arrived late at this particular launch party, being undermined by Verizon, AT&T and even US Cellular.

But starting today, September 6, the X is up for grabs with Sprint contracts and the pricing structure is more than competitive… for new customers of the network. These technically have to cough up $200 upfront for the 4.7-inch phone, but half of that is available to them as instant credit, so all in all you can say the price tag is 100 bucks.

Meanwhile, existing Sprint users are treated with much less appreciation, meaning they need to pay the $200 for the handheld and that’s the end of it.

As you well know, all wireless providers save for AT&T are forced to sell just the white and black Motorola devices for now, with Ma Bell being given exclusivity over the Moto Maker customization tool for a limited period of time.

Rumor has it that will end sometime in October, at which time the ongoing bidding war between carriers should probably lower the pricing bar even further. And a $50 Motorola Moto X with endless possibilities as far as paint jobs are concerned really sounds like the deal of a lifetime. One month (or so) to go!

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