Leaked: Windows RT-Powered Microsoft Surface 2 Spec Sheet, Tegra 4 and FHD Screen Included

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Surface-RT-TabletAs painfully obvious that the failure of the Microsoft Surface experiment might be for any regular Joe that deals with technology on a daily (or even weekly or monthly) basis, the big kahunas over in Redmond (whoever they are) seem to want more than anything to take a second stab at conquering the tablet world.

With that in mind, should Apple tremble? Should Cupertino fear for the iPad’s heavy dominance over a not so competitive décor? Probably not. Mostly because Microsoft appears incapable of learning from past mistakes.

First off, a follow-up to last year’s Surface RT is said to be in the works. Which is a major judgment error in that Microsoft’s execs think the world is just going to forget how big of a flop the first Win RT-based tab has been. And how terrible the ecosystem and software support.

But let’s assume for one second Windows RT 8.1, the new version of the OS rumored to be pre-loaded on the Surface 2 (notice the ditching of the “RT” branding), will indeed turn the page. That only leaves Microsoft with two problems – hardware and pricing.

The former could well be solved too, as the Surface sequel will reportedly sport a 10.6-inch Full HD screen and pack next-gen Tegra power courtesy of a Tegra 4 CPU. Also, the battery should run for a healthy 8 hours on a single charge and the RAM will be boosted to 4 gigs.

All fine and dandy, but how much do you think an upgraded slate with these kinds of specs will cost? $500? $600? Exactly.


<Source: Neowin and WinSuperSite>

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