Nokia Tweets Fun at #Apple During iPhone 5S Unveiling

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Like us, you’re probably basking in that post-media event glow. As earlier today, Apple unveiled their new colorful, more cost-effective iPhone 5C (in addition to iPhone 5S and iOS 7.)

But needless to say, not everyone is riding so high on the news from Cupertino. Competing mobile device manufacturer, Nokia, is feeling some type of way about the polychromatic 5C lineup. Have a look:

I mean, yeah. They did kind of hit the nail on the head with this one. But still, it’s a cheap shot.

For the sake of comparison:


Photo: Engadget

After the tweet above, the tweet below was also published on Nokia’s official twitter page:



I believe it’s a Breaking Bad reference (but I’ve never seen the show.) Can some explain that one to me, please?


<Source: @Nokia_UK


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