Plants Vs Zombies 2 for Android Rumored to Launch in China Soon

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Plants vs Zombies 2, sequel to the award winning game, made its iOS some time back. It has been a huge success for the folks at PopCap, having been downloaded nearly 25 million times by players across the globe, mainly because the game is available free of cost. And of course, the number could have been higher if it were released on multiple platforms.


At the time of launch, EA announced that the game will debut on other platforms later this year, with no exact date what so ever. Now, a new rumor is suggesting that Plants vs. Zombies 2 for Android will be available for Chinese users very soon.

According to the rumor, the game will hit three Chinese Android Markets including Baidu AppSearch, 91 Assistant, and HiMarket by the end of this month. In case you don’t know, the Google Play Store is not available in the country so users have to choose alternate sources to download applications on their devices.

The rumor doesn’t give any exact arrival date, but some suggests that it will be available from September 17. If that turns out to be true, we should see the game hit the Google Play Store very soon.

Stay tuned, we’ll update you as soon as the game is available in Google Play Store.


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<Source: MyDrivers via AndroidCommunity>


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