Google Updates New Chromebooks with Intel Inside

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Google announced on their official blog Wednesday that their new line of Chromebooks will see a nice upgrade to their processors. The ultra portable laptops are slated to pack Intel’s latest, fourth generation processor. Performance benefits expected are improved computing power and better battery life by more than 2X over previous generations.

The new Chromebooks are coming in the next few months from Acer and HP and from new Google partner companies, ASUS and Toshiba. The product lineup includes a nice range of devices, from the lightweight Acer Chromebook and Toshiba Chromebook, to the sizable HP Chromebook14. Also, the ASUS Chromebox, which is basically the guts of a computer sans display screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers, will get the new processors as well.

As it’s been since its inception, Google uses their Chromebook family to target both average laptop users and higher performance users as well. In the blog post announcement, a quote from research firm NPD is included, stating that Google Chromebooks currently represent between 20- and 25-percent of the $300-or-less computer segment. Also, more than 5,000 schools have issued Chromebooks to their students at this point.

The chipset that’ll be found in the new Chromebooks are based on Haswell microarchitecture, currently being demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, going on from September 10 until September 12.



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