Rumor: Motorola Might Be Working on a Moto Tablet X

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The Moto X smartphone has been a great success for the Google-owned company. The device received its fair share of attention for being highly customizable and for being the first “Made in U.S.A.” handheld. Now, it seems that the company is thinking of expanding the brand with a Moto X tablet in the near future.

A recent report suggests that the Google-owned company is shipping 100,000 units a week, but this was not the case with earlier Motorola tablets, such as the Xoom.


During an interview with Engadget, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that his company has plans to launch a new Moto Tablet X, but he didn’t mention any exact release date.

That’s something we are working on, but [there’s] nothing specific to talk about right now.

Motorola had a hard time promoting its Xoom tablet, but if the alleged Moto Tablet X is as customizable as the Moto X, chances are that it will be a success. Currently, there is no news about whether the device will be sold via Moto Maker or not.

Moto Maker could be a differentiating factor for Motorola, as it allows users to customize the device themselves.

Let’s just take this with a grain of salt and hope Motorola brings something as good as the Moto X to the tablet world. And, most importantly, they should make sure that it’s available globally — not just in U.S. and Canada.


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