HTC One Camera Problem Acknowledged by HTC, Promises a Software Update

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HTC One is without a doubt one of the best Android devices available. The flagship smartphone brings high-end specifications and an UltraPixel camera, which has been praised by many. However, recently it seems that some users began facing some problems with the One camera showing blue, red, or purple noise in photos taken in low-light conditions.


Back in June, the problem was reported on XDA-Developers Forum by a HTC One user. The thread received hundreds of replies and many users reported the same problem. A poll was also started in the same thread which was taken by 388 users, and 328 users had the similar problem with their camera.

According to the complaint:

My problem is that in night shots and very low light scenes, the camera turns the black into blue (or red in very very dark scenes). For example, I included some photos, on a dark street with only a few light posts it turns black areas into blurry blue. Yes, it lets in more light (and more natural looking light) than my old One X, but the black areas are blue. Not to mention, some times it has trouble focusing so a few of the shots I attached were taken after 2-3 tries. Even more, in very very dark scenarios – see the last picture – it turns the blackness into red.

Now, an Italian blog HDBlog managed to get a confirmation from the Taiwanese manufacturer about the camera problem and they said fixing the issue was in the works. If you are experiencing the same problem, you can either reduce the ISO levels as reported by many users or take your device to the nearest HTC customer service center or carrier for replacement.

To check if the problem is present on your unit, just place your device on a flat surface on its back, covering the camera. If you notice any red, blue, pink or purple spots as shown in the screenshot, your camera has this problem. You can either replace your device or wait for HTC to release a software update.


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