ADOPTED Adds Vintage-Inspired Leather Cases for iPhone 5

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adopted-logoWith the release of the new iPhone 5 and even newer iPhone 5S comes – you guessed it – new cases! Cases aren’t simply cases or smartphones accessories. They’re an extension of us.

Cases options have such a range of color, material, and style. When it comes to ensuring the safety of devices, some of us dress smartphones up like a tank while others of us prefer the laid-back casual approach.

ADOPTED iPhone 5 frame case flatADOPTED, a fashion tech accessories brand, has announced two such laid-back yet snazzy leather cases for the iPhone 5S.

The ADOPTED Leather Frame Case is for all you minimalists who also want that touch of elegance. This two-piece case features a metal frame inlaid with full-grain leather. The meticulously-constructed frame allows access to all ports while providing guarding all edges from drops and scuffs.

ADOPTED iPhone 5 folio caseThose of you who want a little more protection and utility, the ADOPTED Leather Folio provides all-around protection as well as an interior card pocket.

The case exterior is full-grain leather that has a soft suede interior to protect the iPhone screen and keep it free from dust. The folio also features easy installation and port access. 

“The Leather Frame Case is really a tribute to the iPhone’s form and function – that instills just a touch of the ADOPTED aesthetic,” says CEO David Watkins.

“We really listened to our customers who want a protective case, but with a clear view of the front and back of the device.”

Visit for pricing and color combinations of these new iPhone 5 cases.



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