Leaked: Huawei Vitria, Yet Another Dirt-Cheap MetroPCS Prepaid Android Smartphone

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Huawei VitriaAlthough low-end and mid-range smartphone prices have been in a free fall for a good couple of years or so now, I’m pretty sure no one expected for things to reach this point. And by “this point”, I mean being able to score a decently sized, decently packed Android running a relatively new version of the OS (4.1 Jelly Bean) for a measly 80 bucks off-contract.

And by the looks of it, MetroPCS won’t stop there. Another entry-level Android has leaked courtesy of relentless industry source @evleaks, being headed for America’s leading prepaid carrier under the name of Huawei Vitria.

That’s unlikely to ring any bells with even the most fanatics of mobile tech aficionados, but the design is a different kettle of fish. Don’t you find the device oddly familiar? You should, as it’s basically a Huawei Valiant… with rounded corners.

Chances are the differences won’t stop there though, with the display probably measuring a quarter of an inch or so less, which will allow MetroPCS to lower the pricing bar even more. How low can they go? I’m just spitballing here, but wouldn’t it be awesome for this to cost $50? Sans any contractual obligations, of course. All while running Android 4.1. And maybe even pack a dual-core processor, just like the Valiant. Yeah, I know, I’m probably tripping, but what if I’m not?


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