Sony Xperia Z Ultra Available on Three and O2 UK: Starting at £0 with Contracts, £600 Outright

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Sony-Xperia-Z-UltraSay, do you happen to remember a little gizmo going by the name of Sony Xperia Z Ultra? You don’t? That’s probably because there’s nothing little about this thing. In fact, it’s one of the most ginormous gadgets to have ever been graced with the smartphone title.

But it’s not the size of the Z Ultra that should have made it stick to your memory. It’s the 6.4-inch display’s Full HD screen, the incredibly slim 6.5 mm profile, IP58 certification for water and dust protection, quad-core Snapdragon 800 power and 2 GB RAM.

Oh, you’re starting to get your memory back, are you? Excellent, because at long last the gargantuan 6.4-incher can be had in the UK. Both on and off-contract. And for a not very preposterous price either. O2, for instance, offers it starting at £0 on its Refresh program with standard 24-month pacts.

Meanwhile, on “Pay As You Go” (aka unlocked and SIM-free), the Z Ultra goes for a fairly extravagant £599.99, which is roughly $950. Extravagant, but not uncalled for. Plus, you get a nifty £40 worth Sony HBH20 Rossetti Headset for every purchase made through October 31, which should sweeten the deal a little.

There’s also Three that sells the Android 4.2-running phone, although for the time being they only have it with contracts. Starting at £99 with £34, £36 or £38 plans. Not exactly the deal of a lifetime, but the last of those three plans includes unlimited data (for real), 2000 minutes of talk time, 5000 Three to Three minutes and 5000 texts. Not too shabby.


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