Leaked: HTC One Appears in Gold (Photo)

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Did suddenly everyone start wanting gold smartphones? Perhaps following Apple’s suit, maybe not — regardless, we’ve got a feeling there’ll be a first-place medal colored HTC flagship coming soon.

And it’s all thanks to an interesting, recent ‘parts leak,’ or a photo of the device in it’s manufacturing stage, not fully put together. As you can see in the photo below, we have what looks to be an outer shell of a One, the body and it’s exterior casing, no electronic components.

Now, of course this isn’t a true blinged-out icy gold handheld; as in ‘Au’ gold. It appears to be anodized metal, same as the other four HTC One color options we’ve seen: silver, black, red and blue. So, will there be a gold version joining the bunch?

There’s no carrier logos anywhere to be found in the photos, so we can’t speculate on that. (There’s really not a ‘goldmine’ of information available at this time.) What we can say is this: if this gold HTC One is true to life, we’ll be seeing it hit shelves sometime in the future, most likely specific to one U.S. carrier.


But I’d rather not speculate, sit comfy and just hope to strike ‘gold,’ no?






<Source: Phandroid>


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