Zeepro Zim – The First Personal Dual-Head 3D Printer

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Zeepro logo3D printing has been making waves in the minds of creative consumers and companies. It seems that the prices of hardware continually drop each quarter, making it that much more affordable and accessible to the masses.

With all the available options right now, does the 3D printer market really need another one? Well, with all the snack chips out there, do we really need a new flavor or brand?

The answer is always ‘yes.’

Zeepro Zim examplesZeepro Inc. introduces the latest 3D printer, Zim, which has just hit Kickstarter and is ready to invade our homes.

Zim is the first and only personal 3D printer to feature a dual color printing head. This can enhance 3D printing projects by allowing the user to print in multiple colors.

The Zim 3D printer is plug & play and very user friendly. Built-in ethernet and WiFi lets users connect the printer to their network, and can control Zim remotely with PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Zeepro Zim adjustable dual headYou can even peek at your creation-in-the-making with the micro-camera system when you’re out and about.

Toys, gadgets, jewelry, accessories, and more can be created with your imagination being the limit (ok and maybe size too).

“We dreamt about making the best personal 3D printer in the world. We wanted it to be plug and play, as well as really easy to use. We also wanted it to be connected, precise and fast… all that enclosed in a beautiful design and affordable. We assembled a great team of highly motivated and talented designers and engineers. Together, we imagined Zim. We are very proud to present Zim on Kickstarter starting September 13th.” Philippe Guglielmetti, Zeepro‘s CEO.

Visit the Zim Kickstarter page right now to be the first to check out Zeepro’s 3D Printer and to pledge for yours today.

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